Hazy IPA  |  ABV 7%  |  IBU 60

THE BEER: This Third Coast IPA is light-medium bodied with a touch of haze & juicy flavors the will remind you of the Caribbean. Brewed with Simcoe, Jarrylo, Rakau, Ekuanot & Citra, this will satisfy the hoppiest heads but stay balanced and easy drinking for the summer.

THE STORY: Rumor has it that it’s best enjoyed with the summer sounds of the local Milwaukee band, and member-owners, Hot By Ziggy!


Brown Ale  |  ABV 7.0%  |  IBU 27

THE BEER: This brown ale is medium full bodied with notes of milk chocolate, nuts, bread and caramel. Its a perfect way to start the cold season, not too dark, nor too sweet.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of one of our founders, Matt Witterschein!


Coffee Stout  |  ABV 5.5%  |  IBU 25

THE BEER: A sweet stout with flavors of chocolate, coffee, caramel and dark fruits like dried cherries and dates. Then mixed with Just Coffee Coop/Let It Ride Cold Brew to remind you It’s 5AM Somewhere.

THE STORY: Brewed in honor of one of our founders, Nora Degroote!


IPA  |  ABV 6.6%  |  IBU 60

THE BEER: This west coast IPA reminds you of the beer that made you fall in love with IPAs to begin with. Finishing dry and crisp with a hoppy bite, it has a clean bitterness with aromas of citrus, berries and melon.

THE STORY: Brewed for our Marketing Director, Sarah Hand. All work and no play makes Sarah a dull girl.


Belgian Tripel  |  ABV 8.5%  |  IBU 33

THE BEER: This Belgian Tripel is surprisingly drinkable with an upfront sweetness that doesn’t linger and a complex spicy fruity aroma from Belgian Abbey yeast.

THE STORY: Brewed with local homebrewing equipment manufacturer & Owner – Spike Brewing, this was first brewed on their small-scale pilot system. It’s now soaring to be brewed on commercial equipment!




ESB  |  ABV 6.2%  |  IBU 33

THE BEER: This Rye ESB is malt forward and spicy, yet balanced and drinkable.

THE STORY: That's why it's the perfect beer for our good friend and Owner Joe Royten, of On Time Promotions. An everyday Joe kind of beer with some complexity and nuance makes it the type of beverage you want time and time again!


Witbier |  ABV 5.5%  |  IBU 18

THE BEER: Brewed with chamomile, lemongrass,orange peel & coriander. Cheers, witches!

THE STORY: This beer was carefully crafted by some of our member-owners who tested over 16 different combinations of flavors to hone in the perfect cauldron of beer!


ABV 6.3%  |  IBU 26

THE BEER: Starting with the pleasant aroma of pecans, this beer is medium bodied with a smooth mouthfeel that compliments notes of coffee, dark chocolate, caramel and of course nuts.

THE STORY: This was the very first beer we brewed commercially.



Medieval Ale  |  ABV 5%  |  IBU 35

THE BEER: Brewed with oats like in the good old days. This is a reincarnated style of beer technically known as a Kuytbier. In medieval Holland - oats were reserved for livestock and peasants. Barley and Wheat was for the noble class. As such, the peasants figured out how to do a beer brewed with Oats. This is a drinkable year-round brew.

THE STORY: Brewed by and for the people of MKE.


Cream Ale  |  ABV 5.5%  |  IBU 25

THE BEER: This Cream Ale pays homage to the session-able, clean beers at Enlightened Brewing Co. Brewed with corn, this beer is medium-light bodied that finishes clean and slightly sweet. Perfect for that mood where you just need a beer - cranky, sunny or otherwise.

THE STORY: We'd be nowhere without our mentors at Enlightened Brewing showing us how to make a high-quality product. This beer is for them!