Join the team!  Members can fill some of the positions we’d like to cultivate internally:

Food and Beverage talent – Do you have experience working in a restaurant? Bartending? Baking? Cooking? Give us a shout!

Brewing talent – Have commercial experience at a brewery? We homebrew like fiends here at the NBBC but the experience of larger scale operations would be a welcome knowledge gap to fill.  Let’s discuss over a beer.

CPA – We’ve got the hops and barley organized but the books are growing. Also, beer makes looking at numbers difficult at times.  Free beer for days for the person that gets our taxes in a row.  You’ll need the beer relief!

Artists – Brewing is at the confluence of science of art, we’d enjoy seeing our brands/ideas jump even farther into the realm of creativity and expression.  Beer stimulates both of these things.

Homebrewers! Got a killer homebrew?  Think you have what it takes to be the next Baron?  Bring it over, let’s try it and we’ll talk about getting it into our production.  Also – Ciders/Kombuchas aren’t beers – but they ferment, so let’s hear about it.

Call to Action: During our fundraising period there will be a lot of opportunities to get more involved with the business.  Let’s have a beer and discuss what you can bring to the table!  Anyone can help – everyone is good at something. We need you!

Direct all opportunity inquiries to our PR director, Bill Booth <Billb@newbaronsbrewing.com>