The Old

Remember when Milwaukee truly was the Beer City? Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz, and Miller weren’t just brands, but names of businessmen who knew their craft.   These “Barons of Brewing” excelled, not only with their products, but also in the way they elevated Milwaukee.  Unfortunately, when they passed on, the times changed and none of those brands remained locally owned.  The beer market evolved and big domestic brews merged with international players and each other to try and stay afloat. Beer quality eventually suffered, leaving smaller players to take up the reins in the art of craft brewing.  Ultimately, that is what happened to the beer barons and “Beer City” of old.


The New

Luckily, New Barons Brewing Coop aims to reclaim Milwaukee’s fame as a brew town.  Taking a fresh approach, the brewery is being built with innovative business and the craft beer that will sell in today’s market.  And the beer is good. By being a cooperatively owned brewery, members will literally own a piece of the brewery.  This enables those with dreams of being immersed in the culture of a brewery to now do so!  Ownership means members will get a vote, a piece of the profit and other perks that will keep them connected to the brewery and each other. NBBC is bringing the community back into the brewery.


Get in Touch with Your Inner Brewer:

Because NBBC is a coop, the most casual beer drinker to the most serious home brewer can get involved.  Depending on variables such as interest and time, members can decide if they would like to attend brewing classes, participate in crafting experimental batches, aid in events, or simply have a vote in style selections.

Support our Members & Community:

Members invest time and money in the brewery so they should see their interests, wants and needs satisfied.  They will have a say in how excess profits are used and can vote on events that support their passions or community.  Fundraisers, community service, supporting the local arts, crafts fairs, farmers markets, raising awareness and other community events are all within scope.

Seek Partnership:

To ensure that craft beer excels in the community, the business will do what it can to support other businesses and seek partnership.  By elevating others, the culture and heritage of brewing will spread and all will benefit.  We feel Milwaukee is only as good as its beer!

Promote Sustainability:

Admittedly, brewing is an energy and water intensive production and the industry as a whole has been criticized for its practice, or lack thereof, of being environmentally friendly.  Luckily, craft brewers have been much more mindful than their main-stream counterparts.  As such, the brewery will seek innovative solutions to make the business more sustainable and in turn profitable.





Pound for pound, spent grain, the leftover barley and adjunct (wheat, corn, oats etc.) used to make fermentable liquor (wort), contributes to about 85% of a brewery's wasted by-product.  But it doesn't have to be waste!  At New Barons Brewing Coop we turn that spent grain into delicious food including waffles, soft pretzels (served with beer cheese of course), and pizza!
The flour comes from each of the beers brewed so depending on the week you might get a Hefeweizen waffle or a Pale Ale pretzel.  So many delicious creations can be made using spent grain.  The best part is the process to transform the spent grain into our food takes minimal energy allowing us to stay nice and green.